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      OS-003 First Nations Copper Bracelets
Solid native designed copper bracelets often associated with the healing process and pain relief. Bracelets come in three wrist sizes, all 1" wide. Made in Canada. Animal Symbolism: BEAR - is always respected and treated as a high ranking guest. The human head is the Bear’s paws symbolizes its awesome power over life and death. EAGLE-The majestic Eagle is recognized by its elegant curved beak. A symbol of power and prestige. Eagles mate for life and are family oriented. RAVEN -The trickster, the Creator. He rescued the sun and placed it in the sky so the world would have light. Raven also gave mankind the moon and stars. HUMMINGBIRD- The joyful messenger, when a hummingbird hovers nearby, you will receive a message of healing. WOLF- The Wolf is very family oriented, they mate for life and share all responsibilities equally. The Wolf is a symbol of great strength.

Sizes: Small 5 1/4", Medium 6", Large 7".

Colors/Design: Wolf (Image 1), Hummingbird, Killerwhale, Otter, Frog (all Image 2), Bear, Eagle, Raven, Salmon, Thunderbird.

Packaging: Bracelets are packaged in a clear presentation box with an animal enclosure card.

Customizations: Silver plating is available for an additional charge.

Notes: Minimum order is 8 units. 1/2" thick available in some designs, please inquire. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your order.

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