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      EDS-01 Sterling Silver Cufflinks
These cuff links are designed in solid sterling silver by a Haida/Gitxsan artisan of the Eagle clan. The designs are paired with familial stories about the different animals. There are two major Haida Gwaii clan crests, the Raven and the Eagle. Other designs are sub-crests and belong to one of the two clans. The clan system made it easier to identify whether or not someone from an Eagle clan was related to you. Each village had the two major crests, but, they had a different set of sub-crests. A matrilineal people, the meaning of the Haida clan crests are passed down on the mothers side of the family. Carving, singing, dancing, and all traditions were passed down from the mother's side of the family. In other words, if you wanted to learn to carve you learnt from your uncle on your mother's side or a male from her side. The Raven is considered to be a trickster. He enjoyed keeping himself amused. The Eagle is considered to be Ravens opposite, majestic and graceful. A character who takes it upon himself to look after & out for those around him.

Sizes: 3/4"T x 1/2"W & 1.3mm thick (16 gauge).

Colors/Design: Rectangle Killer Whale, Rectangle Raven, Rectangle Eagle.

Packaging: Packaged in a white jewel box with an enclosure card (UL-S9810). Add a Rosewood box for an additional charge (Image 3 - PPI-W270).

Notes: A minimum order quantity of 5 pairs is required. Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. Also available in gold. Please request a quote.

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