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First Nations Art

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      BCB-227 Bentwood Box
Hand crafted in the traditional manner, this box is made from one piece of wood that is steamed and bent then silk screened. The First Nations people of the Pacific Northwest Coast, including parts of southern Alaska, Western British Columbia and Southern Washington traditionally produced Bentwood Boxes. They were used to store important goods such as food, clothing, and toys. Some were used to hold hot rocks and water for cooking, and the highly decorated ones were symbols of wealth.

Sizes: 6 1/4"T x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". Salmon is 5 1/2"T x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" ($150.00 each).

Colors/Design: Bear (6 1/4"T Images 1 & 4. Meaning; Strength, Agility and Guidance), Salmon (5 1/2"T Image 2), Double Headed Eagle (6 1/4"T Image 3. Meaning; Honour, Power, Leadership, & Wisdom).

Packaging: Wrapped in newsprint. Other packaging available upon request.

Customizations: We recommend adding a customized pewter or bronze plate under the lid for a finishing touch.

Notes: Minimum order is 4 units. Lead time is 3 -5 weeks. Also available in custom carvings, or hand painted boxes including the Frog, Wolf, and the Raven for approx $360.00. (Image #3)

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